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THE MAURYA GIRLS School – One of the best CBSE School in Gurgaon

The Maurya Girls School is an independent school in Gurgaon offering high quality education based on the CBSE education pattern from grades Pre-primary to Class 7. The Maurya Girls School is considered and reviewed by parents and other organizations, as one of the best CBSE School in Gurgaon in terms of its education pattern & infrastructural facilities. Quality labs, ample space for the outdoor and indoor activities, well-equipped labs, self-learning areas where students learn, practice and perform various activities like Music, Dance, Filming, Sports, Swimming, Science, Computing, Research and much more makes The Maurya Girls School a battleground for the budding future leaders.

The school follows the Montessori method of education where students learn in an environment of self-direction/learning and gets involve in a lot of practical hands-on-learning experiences and further collaboration with the peers, makes it a high-quality learning process.

The security and vigilance make the students and parents feel secured at all times along with a higher degree of monitoring by the management as well.

Ready to rule the world with Power, Victory, Triumph, Honour & Righteousness


The most safe and secure place to be in, where the highest form of learning takes place as the foundation for life

Social Grace & Dignity

Physical Strength

Intellectual Might

Emotional Resilience & Wellbeing

Spiritual Awareness and Conscious Maturity

All of the above aspects are worked on simultaneously in our curated curriculum like a synchronized symphony for optimum development

Best CBSE pattern Girls’ School in Gurgaon, Haryana – THE MAURYA GIRLS SCHOOL

The Maurya Girls School is the best girl’s educational institution renowned for its state of the art foundation, cutting edge labs and all around loaded and refreshed library. Its well-equipped top of the line security systems, Cutting edge classrooms, Film studio, Life aptitudes lab, e-library, Lounge perusing and research offices, Indoor and outside games spaces with best types of gear, Performing innovative and articulation expressions' offices, Montessori idea labs, Science creations & robotics labs, Audio visual room & much more make it the Best CBSE Schools in Gurgaon, Haryana for extracurricular activities and in academics.

The high level of participation between the students and teachers in various activities, encourage the students at Maurya Girls School to participate and earn the necessary skills in today’s competitive environment. The students engage in various activities that interface them with the real life experiences like: Growth, Success, Failure, Hard work, Fearless Participation, Listening, Speaking & Presentation skills.

The Maurya Girls School is highly renowned and considered as the best school for girls in Gurugram with super state of the art infra foundation, cutting edge labs, and around loaded refreshed library with the books of best authors and literature. Technically advanced security systems, cutting edge classrooms, well equipped science & robotics labs, Film Studio, Musical Instruments, Dance Floors, Swimming Pool, E-library, Lounge & Research Areas, Latest and best quality sports gears and much more, delivers high quality education and experiences to the students right from the early days of a child.

The Maurya Girls School believes in providing ample opportunities for the successful growth and development of the students in various aspects with the most prominent one that is developing the personality of the student. Apart from the academic performance, the school offers and environment that allow the student to rise with their latent talent. Being the best day care in Gurgaon which is highly appreciated for its endeavor helping the students to take up there first step in the field of academics and other life building blocks ranging from sports to communications, IT, STEM Education etc.

Right from the beginning of the academic calendar, a student at Maurya Girls School enters the world of established and distinguished learning process of education that involves self-learning, group learning and self-motivation that empowers a girl child to enter the world of highly intellectual people having higher level of dignity, self-respect and maturity in thoughts, words and actions. Social Grace, Physical Strength, Intellectual Might, Emotional Resilience, Spiritual Awareness and Integrity in thoughts and actions are what students learn with us during the course of time they spend with us.

Aham Brahmasmi



  • To make learning individual-specific, effortless, spontaneous and wilful.
  • To inspire girls to become independent and responsible in thought, action and belief.
  • To recognize and nurture to excellence, the potential of the girl in any field, be it Performing Arts, Sports, Academics, Media, Robotics, Humanities or any other individual/unique talent or inclination.
  • To create ample opportunities for analysis, critical thinking, decision making, problem solving with absolute confidence and positive attitude.
  • To develop thinking beyond self with sensitive social attitude of respect for all cultures, acceptance of differences with dignity besides sympathy, empathy, global living and community service.
  • To groom girls impeccably as the most distinguished members of any social group.
  • To encourage teenage girls to develop high emotional intelligence and strength to sustain positive healthy relationships.
  • To strengthen language with respect to listening attentively, speaking distinctly, writing correctly, reading thoughtfully and expressing the self exquisitely.
  • To develop logic for Maths, Science and ever evolving technology through experiential learning and high-tech laboratories.
  • To imbibe in every fibre of the girls’ being, love for nature, care, ownership & concern for the Environment.
  • To facilitate them to evolve as spiritual beings with an integrated personality where belief, thought and action are in sync.



The seed has been sown by a group of renowned educationalists. It has been created keeping in view the state-of-the art educational practices adapted to the researched international pedagogies. The School is unconventionally at par and in tune with the best in the world but also innovative and a trend setter with its unique blend of curriculum. The academics and experiential learning is designed to focus on varied aspects of intelligence and specific areas of personality in an effortless and spontaneous way.

Our Educationalists Our Monogram


Dear Parents,

Girls as we all know light up our homes with chirpy chatter, unconditional love and incomparable care that warms our heart and fulfils our life. They are delicate yet with unfathomable strength. They may drop a tear with ease but their super resilience is their power. They are capable of the impossible and just require that little nod of approval and nurture and they rise to glory with all their might.

THE MAURYA GIRLS SCHOOL is a place which recognizes this power in her to rule the world forever. She deserves a dedicated place where she can be herself without inhibitions and clichéd unreal comparisons. We have created an extra ordinary space that she deserves, to achieve her own highest potential and we nurture every aspect of her personality so that she creates her own destiny.


Breaking away from stereotypes

Research confirms that studying in a girls’ school develops self-belief, minimizes the stereotypes and gives an impetus to girls’ independent decision-making-ability, without being influenced by gender expectations.

Enhancing Leadership

Girls take up the roles and responsibilities in School for an array of activities within and outside the classroom without feeling judged for the chosen role. Being away from the scrutiny of the opposite gender sharpens and reinforces their leadership quality and boosts self-confidence. It has been observed that the transition from teens to adulthood is smoother and by the time they move to the Co-educational world of University, they are undeterred individuals with a mind of their own.

Academic Excellence

Girls from girls’ Schools secure higher grades at the A-Levels & the tendency to choose STEM Subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) is higher which they continue to pursue at the University level.

Security and Safety

Parents in the times of today want girls to grow up without any trauma or concern for security so that their total focus is on carefree development in every field and they gain inner strength with joy and élan.

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