Academic session 2019-20

The Maurya Girls’ School, in partnership with the parents, works towards an all-round development of our children. We, together, can make sure that the best is achieved. Following is some vital information about the school that will help us work towards a productive session.

The academic session 2019-20 begins in April as per following schedule:

Pre-Nursery to K.G.
Class I to Vll

: 1st April, 2019
: 1st April, 2019

The School Timings:
For Pre-Nursery, Nursery & KG 09:00 am – 12:30 pm
Dispersal will be at 12:30 pm
For classes I-VII 07:50 am – 02:20 pm
Dispersal will be at 02:20 pm
  • All the students of Classes I to VII must reach the school latest by 7:50 a.m. The school gates shall close at 7:50 a.m.
  • All the students of the Pre-Primary wing must reach the school latest by 9:00 a.m. The school gates will be closed at 9:30 a.m.

General Conduct:

  • Students should come to the school in proper school uniform.
  • Kindly ensure that the child does not bring any sharp objects to school like Knives, Forks and Scissors, etc. Also please note that children are not allowed to bring Mobile phones, PSPs, Games, CDs, Toys, Expensive Watches any other Electronic/ Expensive Stationery Items, etc. to the school. If found, the items will be confiscated and shall not be returned under any circumstance.
  • Parents are requested not to send any gift items for distribution on birthdays. Only candies or chocolates may be sent (not costing more than Rs 10 each). This is applicable from pre-Nursery onwards. The students should come to school dressed in the school uniform on their birthdays.
  • Care must be taken of all school properties and students should not scratch, spoil or write on desks, charts, walls or damage any furniture/items belongings to others. In case of any breakage/ damage the parents will be required to bear the cost of damage caused.

Personal Information:

  • The School Almanac is an important medium of communication between the school & the parents. Kindly ensure that the information in the Almanac is filled completely. Any changes with respect to- address, contact numbers, etc. must be updated on priority and should be communicated to the school office in writing. Parents must check the Almanac everyday for any messages/ circulars from the school. Parents are required to acknowledge all notes received in the Almanac.
  • Please make your child memorize his/ her Residential Address, Father’s name, Mother’s Name and Phone Numbers.
  • Please label your child’s bag and water bottle clearly with name, class and section.
  • Please ensure that the notebooks are neatly labelled and covered with transparent sheets.
  • The school facebook page is updated on a regular basis with pictures of activities conducted in the school.
  • Kindly do not send your child to school in case she is unwell. No request will be entertained for early departure of your ward from school on the days of exam.
  • For safety purposes, the school reception will not accept lunch boxes or water bottles from the parents during school hours.
  • Kindly ensure that your ward accompanies you dressed in the school uniform on PFMs.


  • Student’s ID-cards are also a part of their uniform. All students are required to wear their Old ID-cards till new cards are issued by the school. The new ID-cards will be provided to the students in their respective classes.
  • Please note that the new entrants to “The Maurya Family” will be issued Permanent ID-cards upon completion of all documentation at the time of admission.
  • Parents must carry the Parent ID-cards during school visits- including daily pick-ups and drops.
  • Kindly note that the child will only be handed over to authorized persons whose photograph appears under the ‘Guardian’ section on the respective ID-card. In special cases, the child may be handed over to a third person upon receipt of a written request/ authority letter from the parent.

Stationery & Uniform:

  • The books & stationery items for the children of all classes are kept by the facilitators in the school and issued to the students as per the activity.
  • The Almanac must be carried to the school every day.
  • All students are required to be neatly dressed and in proper school uniform on all days. Hair should be tied back using black rubber bands/ hair band only.
  • The shoes must be polished and nails should be trimmed at regular intervals.
  • Children are not allowed to wear coloured inners, nail polish, mehandi/ henna, jewellery (bangles, long earrings, chains, etc.) or other fancy accessories to the school.
  • Please send a clean napkin & a spare set of undergarments and dress daily with the children of the Pre-Primary Wing (Pre-Nursery/ Nursery/ K.G.)


  • Please note that there will be two breaks for children. Please send fruits or healthy snacks for the short break.


  • Withdrawal of the transport facility in the middle of the quarter shall not be permitted under any circumstances.
  • The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stops. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters.
  • The children are expected to reach the designated bus-stop at least 10 min. before the time of pick-up. In case the guardian is not present at the bus-stop in the afternoon, your ward will be brought back to the school. You will then be required to collect your ward from the school in case this happens.
  • In case you wish to pick up your child in person from the school instead of the bus-stop; prior information must be given to the School office, the class Teacher as well as the Transport In-Charge. No request will be entertained 30 min. before the dispersal time.
  • In case you want to pick up the child early from the school, please do so at least two hours prior to the school dispersal time.
  • The school has the right to withdraw the transport facility in cases of indiscipline and willful damage to the school property.
  • The school management does not undertake any responsibility, whatsoever, for any damage or injury which may be sustained by the student as a result of accident either in the school premises or in the conveyance provided by the school or in any other manner. The school management,
    however, takes all precautions to see that children are safe as long as they remain in their custody.
  • For Transport Withdrawal, the school needs to be intimated at least one month in advance.

Parent Visits & School Leave:

  • lt will be highly appreciated if parents do not seek appointment from teachers during school working hours as it affects the working of the school. However, in case of any concerns regarding the child’s academic performance or otherwise, they may meet the facilitators on the working
    Saturday’s of the school every month between 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. with prior appointment through the school Almanac.
  • Parents may meet the HOS for any concern between 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. on all working days of the school with prior appointment.
  • The coordinator will be available for meetings with parents from 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. on weekdays and between 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. on all working Saturdays.
  • The child will not be sent home during school hours unless a written consent is obtained from the Head of the school.
  • Please do not send your child to school in case he/ she is unwell.
  • In case of planning holidays, kindly get the leave sanctioned in advance through the Almanac.
  • Please note that completion of quarantine period is necessary in case a student is afflicted with an infectious disease. A medical fitness certificate must be submitted when the student returns to the school.

General Instructions for Evaluations and Assessments:

  • The parents are advised to sign the period Test papers of their ward.
  • Minimum 80% attendance is required for the students of all classes.
  • No student shall be allowed to absent herself from any test/ exam.
  • The retest of only one subject per term will be allowed for the Periodic Tests.
  • A medical certificate is to be submitted in case of any serious/ contagious illness. In case of any untoward incident, you need to abide by the decision of the Head of the School.
  • Any student who misses any test/ exam during the course of the entire session shall be deemed ineligible for the scholar badge.

Fee Payment Rules:

  • School fee must be paid quarterly before the 10th of April, July and October for the first three quarters and by the 20th January for the last quarter of the academic year. Fee payment by cheque should be submitted latest by the 7th of the above mentioned months and the cheque should be drawn in favour of The Maurya Girls’ School.
  • Fine of Rs. 20/- per day will be charged after the last day of submission of fee for a quarter.
  • lf the fee is not paid by the last working day of the respective month, the student’s name will be struck off from the records and readmission will have to be sought.
  • The school fee needs to be paid quarterly i.e. Quarter- April, May & June, 2nd Quarter- July, August & September, 3rd Quarter- October, November & December and 4th Quarter- January, February & March.
  • The fee should be paid by the 10th of first month of the quarter and late fees @ Rs. 20 per day hence forth in case of delay in submission.
  • The fee via cheque should be drawn in favour of “The Maurya Girls School” (Classes Ist to Vllth) and “The Maurya Girls school -Nursery” (Pre-Nursery, Nursery & K. G.). The details of the child have to be written at the back of the cheque.
  • Post -dated cheques will not be accepted and in case of dishonour of cheque, a fine of Rs. 500 per cheque will be levied.
  • The transport and meals will be charged for eleven months.

Withdrawal and Refund:

  • Before withdrawal, it is mandatory to give a minimum of one month’s notice in writing. The Withdrawal application needs to be given or before the last day of the month .If the withdrawal application is given on the 1st or on a later date of a month ,the fee for the current and the next month will be charged.
  • The date of receipt of the withdrawal application, duly signed by the parent at school, will be treated as the final date of processing. No verbal/ telephonic/ e-mail intimation will be entertained.
  • The school leaving Certificate (transfer certificate) will be issued only after clearance of dues and payment of amount(s) in favour of the school.
  • Only the Caution money will be refunded.
  • Withdrawal application for a child once submitted cannot be withdrawn. The entire admission process has to be started afresh for the respective child.
  • The student will not be entitled for re-admission to the school once the school leaving certificate (Transfer Certificate) has been issued. The admission process shall be followed while considering the child as a fresh admission.
  • The Annual fee needs to be deposited for the entire year irrespective of the fact that there may be a possibility of withdrawal of child mid-session due to various reasons such as transfer of the parent etc.
  • Students absenting themselves for a period of 10 days without prior permission or information to the school will be liable to have their name(s) struck off the rolls. The student will be readmitted to school while being considered as a fresh admission.


  • The school clinic is equipped to cope with all minor ailments/ injuries during school hours. The school nurse will take appropriate measures in case of an accident or an emergency.
  • In case your ward requires to be given any specific medication, you are required to inform the class teacher who, in turn, shall coordinate with the school nurse. Parents are required to ensure that the respective medication is packed well and sent to the school.