Life Lessons Taught in a Best Primary School in Gurgaon

School is the initial phase of the student's life which plays a highly critical role in forming the child's behaviour and knowledge. Starting from the early days till becoming mature, the school helps a lot in making a bright future. The ethics, the value, the guidance and the knowledge that is given to a student helps a lot in shaping up the thoughts and opinions of the students that remain unchanged throughout life. Some lessons are taught in the school which not a part of academics but they are called as the real-life lessons because these lessons are kept in the mind forever as based on the experience. The daily life of a child introduces them to various disappointments, problems, and conflicts but the best primary school in Gurgaon makes their students so strong that they tackle very easily. Here are some of the life lessons that must be kept in the mind of the students for proper guidance.

  1. Negativity- A Poison to life

Children at the school age are very delicate to deal with any kind of comments or misbehavior with them as they are not matured. With getting disappointed and sad there tender minds get hurt. This is where the school can help them at their best, as the children live there most of the time in the school. A school like The Maurya Girls School which is Girls CBSE School in Gurgaon gives a pleasant and stress-free environment to the students. No negative discussions or approaches are practiced in this school and this helps in making the ambiance more suitable for the students studying there.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

From the very first day at the school, the students are taught that honesty is the best policy. An honest person always gets success in life through the success comes late still it comes is always taught in the school. Once a student adopts the policy of honesty it stays always in there mind. No matter how difficult a path is still they choose to go with honesty.

  1. Positivity is the best of all

School Teaching always focuses on the positive aspects of a thing and shape up the negative aspects in a positive manner so that the negative influence does not affect the student's mind. The students get to know about inspiring people and are taught to work on their principles to succeed in their lives. This attitude and learning help the student to become determined and successful in their life.

  1. Value of sharing

Right from the beginning is in the girl's school in Gurgaon, the children are taught how to share their things with other people. From Desk sharing to the sharing of lunch is taught to the students meanwhile. Once a child perceives the joy in sharing, the valuable lesson of sharing gets instilled in the student. Being an integral part of moral values this generates many possible outcomes in the student's life throughout.

Children love to play. Playing is not just for fun but it also adds a lot of value to a child’s physical growth and development. The Maurya Girls’ School is the top play school in Gurgaon which provides ample opportunities to its students to play. During the early years of childhood, playing should not be restricted to indoor games only. Outdoor sports and games are equally important for the physical as well as mental development of children.  A child should be given the freedom and the opportunity by the school to play outdoors as it is a perfect way to make children more energetic and enthusiastic. The Maurya Girls’ School is doing an impeccable job and is considered as the best play school in Gurgaon that provides the perfect balance in academics and extra-curricular activities.  It gives the opportunity to children to play games and perform various activities in the open but at the same time the staff supervises the children and ensures their well-being and safety at all times.

In today's busy life children usually spend several hours watching television and playing games on phones but this has reduced the overall physical development of the children in their growing age. Children need more time and space for free play. Childhood is the right time when a child can grow mentally, physically and emotionally. It is that time when a child plays without any stress and life is more simple. So parents should choose the best play school in Gurgaon by visiting the school premises and check out the facilities for various indoor and outdoor activities besides talking to the teachers on what and how do they do for the development of the students.
Let us look at some of the benefits of outdoor activities.

Benefits of playing outdoors

  1. Physical fitness-

The muscles, bones, brain and senses -all develop simultaneously when a child engages in physical activities like stretching, running, jumping, climbing, swimming, dancing, rolling, etc.

  1. Bliss of nature-

While playing outdoors, children get the feel and touch of nature. They learn through different sights, sounds and smells while playing in the lap of mother nature.

  1. Combat obesity-

Obesity has become a common problem as children tend to just sit and play games via the internet on various devices. Playing outdoors helps to combat obesity as kids do various types of physical activities and games which in turn helps them to reduce fat and stay fit and active.

  1. Creative skills-

Children learn to create new things with various materials found in nature like leaves, petals, sand, clay, etc.  It enables them to explore and innovate. Creative skills are enhanced by playing outdoors as these develop the inquisitive nature of the child.

  1. Stress Buster-

These days, children often feel stress and at times suffer from symptoms of depression or anxiety. Sports and outdoor games help to combat such issues in children.

  1. Social Interaction-

Playing in the open promotes friendships, teamwork, and cooperation. Children learn how to interact with others and resolve their differences with each other. Interaction with kids of the same or different age groups makes them more social savvy and allows them to learn much more from the external environment. Sharing, negotiating and communication are important skills that are developed while playing outdoors.

Outdoor activities and games play a very crucial role in the holistic growth of the children. By choosing the Maurya Girls’ School, which is among the top play schools in Gurgaon, one can get a healthy mix of academics and extracurricular activities.


It is the time when the parents are busy in picking the right school for their children. The next academic year is just the days away so it is the right time to complete the admission procedures and make sure that your child got enrolled in a right school. As a parent providing quality education to their child is always remains the top priority. In today’s competitive market academics play a huge role in shaping your child’s career and at the same time, it is very important for you to pay attention to their perceptive and creative skills to overall development. Opting for CBSE syllabus will help them to match the skills required to clear the competitive exams in future. With the rapidly growing number of schools in and around Gurgaon it might confuse you to choose the best CBSE School in Gurgaon that fits the needs of your child.  Here are the important factors that you need to consider before choosing a school for your child:

Academics and extra-curricular activities:

In the fast-growing cities like Gurgaon where the number of career opportunities is increasing every year for educated youth, it is important that your child matches learning enough skills to match the skills that require to grab those opportunities.  It is your duty to ensure that the school which you select meets the high standards of excellence in terms of the academic curriculum, teaching methodology, and moral standards. The school should also pay attention to extra-curricular activities like singing, dance, sports arts and crafts which play a massive role in developing the child’s personality.

Teacher-to-student ratio:

It is important to choose a school that allows less number of students per class. You can choose the schools that allow 30-35 students per class which will help them to learn the right amount of skills during their schooling.


You need to give the highest priority to the schools that provide a clean and hygiene environment for your kids.  You need to check and confirm this personally because the unclean environment will affect your kid’s health and that will reflect in their academics.


Parents these days tend to enrol their kids in the expensive CBSE schools impressed by the high-tech facilities and it is a common misconception. There are lots of best CBSE schools in Gurgaon offering quality education at affordable pricing. There is no need to choose the expensive and luxurious schools instead you can go to the schools that are offering full value for money and provides better facilities which ensure the all-round development of your child.

Children of today are the adult citizens of tomorrow and their growth is parallel to the future of the country. Quality of primary education and things they are learning from their childhood will determine their personality and future. So primary education is the important phase of every child’s life and it is the duty of every parent to ensure the high-quality education given to their child. In cities like Gurgaon, there is an emerging trend of an increasing number of primary schools and hence it might confuse you to choose the best primary school in Gurgaon. As a parent, you have to choose the right school for their primary education because schools play a vital role in the development of your child. You need to make sure that your child’s school education must focus on following aspects that give an immense contribution to their personal and professional development.

Mental aspect:

Schools play a key role in laying a strong foundation in your child’s knowledge development. It helps them to gain knowledge of different kinds of fields like language, mathematics, history, and other subjects. When they are exposed to these sources their world becomes vast and it will play a vital role in developing their thought process.

Social aspect:

As you are aware of the fact that humans are social animals. When your children are getting the chance to interact with different kinds of children from age group coming from the different cultural background they will get exposed to the new world with new ideas. Social practices like friendship, empathy assistance will develop during that time which is vital when they are reaching their adulthood.

Physical aspect:

As a child, your children will go through various physical development and schools provides the opportunity for them to channelize their energy. Not only primary education will help them to learn different things in academics but also it will help them to shape their behavior when they are exposed to same-aged individuals. Apart from studies, they will get to learn different kinds of extra-curricular activities like sports, arts and craft will direct their energy into a more productive way.

Life is not only about learning it’s all about living a balanced lifestyle. Make sure that your kids are studying in a curriculum that is flexible and promotes curiosity. During primary education, the importance of imagination is stressed extensively. Hence if you are the resident of Gurgaon choose the best primary school in Gurgaon to ensure that your child is getting a balanced education along with better social life.

In today’s competitive world, schooling is one of the prominent phases of a person’s life. The children of today are the citizens of tomorrow who should be grown well to lead the society in a good manner.

Primary school is the fundamental place where a child can gain knowledge and imbibe life skills from their childhood. Being a parent you should find the right primary school to kickstart your child’s growth.

A school must be able to stimulate the curiosity of your children in order to help them lead a meaningful life. Go through this article to know the importance of school education in your children’s life.

Main Aspects that Every Primary School focuses on

Generally, the primary school provides education for your children mainly focusing on the following aspects.

Mental Aspects

Schools are the best places which give more opportunities for children to gain knowledge in different fields like science, mathematics, politics, history, people, culture and more. This basic knowledge acquired from a primary school is the root of upcoming studies. Primary school education has a great impact in enhancing the mental growth of children.

Physical Aspects

When you enrol your children in the best primary school, they undergo various physical developments. Unlike home, the primary schools conduct many activities by keeping the physical health of your children in mind.

This helps your children to utilize their energy in the best way and learn essential behaviors from the environment. The best schools in Gurgaon provide well-equipped surroundings to promote the physical well-being of your children.

Social Aspects

Social aspects are one of the major reasons to consider for your child in a primary school. A school is the perfect place where a child can inculcate social behaviours apart from the parents and immediate family members.

When children tend to mingle with the same-aged companions they will learn to sustain in the midst of society. Also, they are exposed to new ideas and strategies to tackle all types of situations and challenges.

The best primary school acts as a suitable place for learning social practices such as friendship, participation, assistance, empathy and other values which are very important for shaping your child’s future.

Overall Development

Many people think that primary schools are just for studying the formulas for solving mathematics problem, learning the events of history, reading the poems and doing simple experiments.

In fact, current primary schools are beyond the traditional way of learning. Primary schools let the children express their interest and creativity along with academics. Experienced faculty  members guide the children to learn life skills in a realistic manner.

A good start of primary education for your children paves the way for social, economic, political growth and development of a society.

Thus, primary school education is important in your child’s life. So, find the best primary school which focuses on these aspects and provides a beneficial platform to enhance your child’s growth.

In today’s digital world, education systems are becoming more advanced with the development of technologies. The increase in demand for high-quality education along with life skills led to the emergence of many schools across the country.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the most popular boards of India which enables the children to learn everything even at the school level. Since there are a plethora of CBSE schools in India you have to opt out the best one that can enhance your children’s life. You can search for the top CBSE schools in Gurgaon online also.

Factors to be considered while selecting the best schools

Check the Credentials of School

While looking for the best school to join your children you must give much preference to the credentials. You must do good research on top-rated schools and shortlist them. With the shortlisted list, you have to check the credentials of the school and select the right one which has good credentials. Also, the school should be accredited with a recognised board of education.

Approach and Guidance

You should check whether the selected school offers a student-centric approach to all the students in an equal manner. It must follow the best approaches to treat your children with necessary freedom with limits, independence, and respect for psychological, physical and social development. The school faculty must guide the students to improve their quality.

Special Attention to Children’s Interest

Being a CBSE school, it should give special attention to each student based on their unique interest. The reputed schools should give opportunities for students in both theoretical and practical experience. Schools must encourage the students to do more positive things in their life.

Extra & Co-curricular Activities

Apart from academics, schools must provide chances to build personality and communication skills through co-curricular activities. The CBSE schools in India groom the children by giving support in performing various fields such as games, sports, debates, science exhibitions and some other events.

Cost of Education

You must choose the school based on the above mentioned qualities because best schools are the foundation stone for your child’s better future. You should choose the best daycare in Gurgaon for your children irrespective of the cost involved.

Thus, these methods will definitely help you in finding a best CBSE school for your children. Follow these guidelines while looking for the best schools and confirm the one that meets your expectation.

Working parents and guardians of toddlers are often faced with the dilemma of finding a suitable and best preschool in Gurgaon. Their bustling working schedule just compounds the situation, particularly since there are such a significant number of choices to browse. Many preschools guarantee that they have all the framework, faculty and facilities which make them the best preschool for your kid. Nonetheless, the best way to choose the correct preschool for your child is by visiting the preschool premises. Regardless of what a preschool website may state, you can possibly pass judgment on the quality when you're actually there, conversing with facilitators, talking with the foremost, encountering the ambience and observing the children.

The Maurya Girls’ School (a branch of The Maurya School) is one of the main preschools, situated in the heart of Gurgaon, which is putting forth unconventional educational framework for the girls. The school offers K-12 education and accepts admissions for Montessori, Pre-nursery to class VII.

The Maurya School is affiliated with CBSE board educational program and offers a holistic growth of your child while keeping the individual learning goals of your child in mind. The Maurya School has laid the foundation of delivering innovative education equipped with progressive Montessori curriculum and fosters a culture where facilitators are active participants in development of the children.

In the event that you are searching for the top play school in Gurgaon, we recommend that you choose the Maurya School for giving your children homelike love and ambience. Our educational modules include successful, tried and tested components of advanced learning. Admissions are open for classes Pre Nursery to Class VII for session 2019-20.for more info visit our official website www.themauryagirlsschool.com

Leading CBSE school in Gurugram (South City- I)

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most preferred boards in India. It is controlled and managed by the Union Government of India and the board has an alliance with a large number of schools in India.One of the main objectives of this board is to provide uniformity in education all over India. Thus, the transition from one school to another school turns out to be a simple process. The Maurya School offers the benefit of providing the parents the best of the two worlds -  the bright prospects of CBSE board combined with the facilities of a world class school!

We realise that every day a number of schools are mushrooming in India, and it is critical for parents and guardians to seek the best school which offers the latest educational tools and technology and is close to their place of residence. In order to fulfil this need, The Maurya Girls’ School, set-up in South City I, Gurugram offers the latest and best of educational tools as well as teaching pedagogy to enable the children to develop into responsible citizens of the world and pioneers of the things to come.

The present method of instruction is not characterised by limits anymore. Information today is shared universally through innovative ways. The children of today require a medium of instruction that prepares them to face the world. Besides scholarly knowledge, they need worldwide social comprehension, a great and satisfactory character, a disposition to be long lasting students and contribute decidedly to the society. Morals and decorum, ethics and morals, qualities and culture need be instilled into them at a young age, to shape them into great people who are equipped for taking the world in their walk. All these facilities are offered by The Maurya Girls’ School.

About the School

The Maurya School, recognised and affiliated by CBSE, is amongst the most popular CBSE schools in Gurgaon . The Maurya Girls School (branch of The Maurya School) offers K-12 education and accepts admissions for Montessori, Pre-nursery to class VII.The students of The Maurya Girls’ School are conditioned to rule the world with power, victory, triumph, honor and righteousness. The school is the safest and secure place to be in where the highest form of learning takes place as the foundation for life. The school emphasizes on creating awareness and concern about the world in order to develop rationality, unbiased evaluation and power to modify.

Technology Assisted & Practical-based Learning: Smart classes, Practical-based Scientific Learning, Mathematics-Brain Gym, Logical Mind Spark & Vedic Math.

Dance and Music: Instrumental Music, Indian Dance, Western Music, School Band.

Games & Sports: Chess Club, Taekwondo, Aerobics, Karate, Swimming, Badminton, Gymnastics, Judo and Basket Ball and Skating.

Special Programs: Creative Arts, Studio for Mass Media - Cartoon making, Short ads, Hindi / English Drama, Theatre, Pottery and Calligraphy.

Contact Details:

The Maurya Girls’ School,

Block G, South City 1, Sector 41, Gurugram, Haryana-122001

To know more about the facilities, fees and other details about Call: +91 89368-89368, 0124-4000088,0124-4000122

Please visit : website: www.themauryagirlsschool.com | E-mail: info@themauryagirlsschool.com