We have all grown up listening to everyone around us telling us how reading is one of the best habits to develop as a child.  A seed of ‘reading’ sown during childhood will reap benefits till the last breath. Not only does it construct a solid foundation of the children’s aptitude for learning and seeking wisdom but it also nurtures their ability to function properly in an ever-evolving environment of the society. Books open doorways to a land which may not be tangible, introduce us to tales of those who are not with anymore, they assist in escalating knowledge.
To understand the plethora of benefits reading can instill in your child, continue reading.

1.     Broadens Horizon

It is a popular saying that, “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light”. It beautifully depicts how with each comprehension, the child absorbs an experience – be it academic, spiritual, trivial or holistic. Reading commences an ever-growing process of attaining destinations, many of which may exist in theory only. It introduces the child to characters, places, and events, apart from their personal experiences. Furthermore, through the wealth of these fictitious instances, your girl gets to learn about other cultures and beliefs, which might vastly vary from her own. This, in turn, will help her understand and build principles of her own will be instrumental in her journey of becoming a strong confident woman of tomorrow.

2.     Builds a linguist

In many homes, it is a well-established ritual to read and enact stories to the young ones before they hit the bed. Not only is this practice a bonding routine but also, unconsciously builds the child’s vocabulary, imagination, expression, and understanding.  A child with refined linguistic skills stands out in debating, story writing, storytelling or general public interaction – we have a winner here!

Furthermore, academically, reading will help your child improve her grammar, assist in developing sound elocution and lastly elaborate on her writing expression and style.

3. Reading books with children helps to develop empathy

Malorie Blackman once shed light on the relation between reading and developing empathy. She said, “Reading is an exercise in empathy; an exercise in walking in someone else’s shoes for a while”. This magnificent habit will lend a hand in teaching the young women how to be compassionate for the beings around them. Backed by research and studies, it is a proven theory that individuals who indulge in reading literature, in particular novels dealing with complex characters and plots have an evolved ‘Theory of mind’ and empathy. They are better at dwelling and understanding how people think. Also, their capacity to construe emotions and feelings of other people is vast.

4.     Reading is a good exercise for the brain – helps boost concentration and memory

Don’t we all want our children to be bright, smart and intelligent? We won’t mind a Madam Curie or a Kalpana Chawla in our homes now, would we? How to raise your child to their level? It’s a simple trick; inculcate in them the habit of reading.

Reading is an excellent exercise for the brain – it helps boost concentration and memory. A published study in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, revealed that the children who were accustomed to a reading schedule from childhood evidently had higher activation levels in the brain. Moreover, the child will develop superlative habits such as concentration and sitting still for prolonged period of time, which will be truly fruitful as they will grow up.

5.   Source of entertainment

Childhood is supposed to be filled with beautiful, happy experiences. Contrary to our wishes, the younger ones derive happiness from entertainment. The one thing we can control is what sort of entertainment they are being exposed to. In the words of Mary Wortley Montagu, “No entertainment is so cheap as reading, or any pleasure so lasting.”

Once mastered, reading is actually a fun activity. As the story unfolds, anticipation rises; children will find ofetn themselves smiling, crying and grinding teeth through the series of anecdotes.

It is not hidden that screen time has overhauled our schedules with all the negative effects! Practicing choosing a book, just flicking through the pages or reading together is a far better alternative.

6.     Develops good self image

Over and above every benefit, one groundbreaking advantage of reading is that it empowers your child. Apart from the knowledge gained through experiences in the circle of life, reading instills a sense of confidence. It allows the individual to be graceful and wise in situations which might be emotionally demanding.

Why are Sports, Exercises and Physical Fitness Important for a Child’s Holistic Growth and Development?

Children need to be active all the time. Physical activities stimulate the growth hormones and improve the emotional health of the children. Sports, exercises and physical activities build healthy bones and muscles, keep the children fit, boosts the immune system; thus helping them fight against diseases. Medical researchers have observed that highly active children are less likely to suffer from illnesses like cold and cough, fever, allergies, blood pressure, diabetes and other health related issues. Physical activities relieve stress, improve mind power and keep you more happier and energetic. Sports improve the overall physical and mental development of the children and thus helping them become more sharp and active.

Even moderate physical activity improves the child's arithmetic, observation, visualization and memory skills. Outdoor games and sports help the kids to understand the concept of teamwork, cooperation and teach them to how to manage themselves in challenging situations. With the change in time and technology, kids are more comfortable and happy staying indoors as they like to play more of games on the computer, mobiles or gaming stations. This brings in laziness, tiredness, underdeveloped bones and muscles and reduces mental sharpness and pro-activeness.

To help children lead fuller and happier lives and overcome all the above-said problems and issues, it becomes necessary to involve a child in physical and sports activities that add value to the physical and psychological health of children in today’s environment.

Here are some reasons why you should encourage your child to play sports:

Health & Fitness

Sports help your child to stay healthy and fit, as it helps in strengthening the immune system, enhancing body strength and maintaining physical coordination with improved concentration. Participating in sports also helps the children burn those extra calories that they often consume junk food that is high in calories and low on nutrition. These kinds of ready made/ready-to- eat foods are also a big factor behind obesity and other physical disorders among the kids, which can be easily spotted nowadays.

Self-Confidence & Time Management

Sports help an individual to learn a lot of things in a number of ways. It enhances our confidence, instills time management skills and equips us with self- belief, team-work, spontaneous decision making, strategy & planning, emotion balancing, etc. All the factors mentioned above, somewhere or the other also helps in boosting up the self-esteem of a child. An individual learns to handle pressure and victory as well as defeat while involved in sports activities.

Sportsmanship, Self-Exploration & Value Addition

Playing sports helps in fostering team spirit, sportsmanship and leadership qualities. Children learn to coordinate with their team-mates and perform under situations of pressure.  Children learn to handle defeat early on in life, lose graciously and bounce back more effectively & confidently.  A child is able to assess his/her mistakes and become a better player. This is a perfect example of self-exploration and value addition in the personality of an individual.

Academic Performance

With the advancement in technology and the advent of smart devices in the life of people, many students feel happy to stay indoors and spend more time on smart gadgets, tablets, smartphones, play stations, etc rather than take part in outdoor sport activities. Exercising one’s body, muscles & bones is very important as it improves the academic performance of the children. It relieves stress, rejuvenates the mind, improves the cognitive and memory functions of the brain.

Nature’s Bliss

Nature offers us a lot to play with and build a healthy body. Sunlight (source of Vitamin D) and clean air are two major natural resources which are required to build a strong body. Playing outdoors helps children to connect with nature and make use of its abundant resources.

The children who play outdoor sports and do various types of physical activities grow up to become extroverts as they can easily connect themselves socially with their peers instead of connecting in a virtual space.  We should remember the well said statement - “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”.

Life Lessons Taught in a Best Primary School in Gurgaon

School is the initial phase of the student's life which plays a highly critical role in forming the child's behaviour and knowledge. Starting from the early days till becoming mature, the school helps a lot in making a bright future. The ethics, the value, the guidance and the knowledge that is given to a student helps a lot in shaping up the thoughts and opinions of the students that remain unchanged throughout life. Some lessons are taught in the school which not a part of academics but they are called as the real-life lessons because these lessons are kept in the mind forever as based on the experience. The daily life of a child introduces them to various disappointments, problems, and conflicts but the best primary school in Gurgaon makes their students so strong that they tackle very easily. Here are some of the life lessons that must be kept in the mind of the students for proper guidance.

  1. Negativity- A Poison to life

Children at the school age are very delicate to deal with any kind of comments or misbehavior with them as they are not matured. With getting disappointed and sad there tender minds get hurt. This is where the school can help them at their best, as the children live there most of the time in the school. A school like The Maurya Girls School which is Girls CBSE School in Gurgaon gives a pleasant and stress-free environment to the students. No negative discussions or approaches are practiced in this school and this helps in making the ambiance more suitable for the students studying there.

  1. Honesty is the best policy

From the very first day at the school, the students are taught that honesty is the best policy. An honest person always gets success in life through the success comes late still it comes is always taught in the school. Once a student adopts the policy of honesty it stays always in there mind. No matter how difficult a path is still they choose to go with honesty.

  1. Positivity is the best of all

School Teaching always focuses on the positive aspects of a thing and shape up the negative aspects in a positive manner so that the negative influence does not affect the student's mind. The students get to know about inspiring people and are taught to work on their principles to succeed in their lives. This attitude and learning help the student to become determined and successful in their life.

  1. Value of sharing

Right from the beginning is in the girl's school in Gurgaon, the children are taught how to share their things with other people. From Desk sharing to the sharing of lunch is taught to the students meanwhile. Once a child perceives the joy in sharing, the valuable lesson of sharing gets instilled in the student. Being an integral part of moral values this generates many possible outcomes in the student's life throughout.

Children love to play. Playing is not just for fun but it also adds a lot of value to a child’s physical growth and development. The Maurya Girls’ School is the top play school in Gurgaon which provides ample opportunities to its students to play. During the early years of childhood, playing should not be restricted to indoor games only. Outdoor sports and games are equally important for the physical as well as mental development of children.  A child should be given the freedom and the opportunity by the school to play outdoors as it is a perfect way to make children more energetic and enthusiastic. The Maurya Girls’ School is doing an impeccable job and is considered as the best play school in Gurgaon that provides the perfect balance in academics and extra-curricular activities.  It gives the opportunity to children to play games and perform various activities in the open but at the same time the staff supervises the children and ensures their well-being and safety at all times.

In today's busy life children usually spend several hours watching television and playing games on phones but this has reduced the overall physical development of the children in their growing age. Children need more time and space for free play. Childhood is the right time when a child can grow mentally, physically and emotionally. It is that time when a child plays without any stress and life is more simple. So parents should choose the best play school in Gurgaon by visiting the school premises and check out the facilities for various indoor and outdoor activities besides talking to the teachers on what and how do they do for the development of the students.
Let us look at some of the benefits of outdoor activities.

Benefits of playing outdoors

  1. Physical fitness-

The muscles, bones, brain and senses -all develop simultaneously when a child engages in physical activities like stretching, running, jumping, climbing, swimming, dancing, rolling, etc.

  1. Bliss of nature-

While playing outdoors, children get the feel and touch of nature. They learn through different sights, sounds and smells while playing in the lap of mother nature.

  1. Combat obesity-

Obesity has become a common problem as children tend to just sit and play games via the internet on various devices. Playing outdoors helps to combat obesity as kids do various types of physical activities and games which in turn helps them to reduce fat and stay fit and active.

  1. Creative skills-

Children learn to create new things with various materials found in nature like leaves, petals, sand, clay, etc.  It enables them to explore and innovate. Creative skills are enhanced by playing outdoors as these develop the inquisitive nature of the child.

  1. Stress Buster-

These days, children often feel stress and at times suffer from symptoms of depression or anxiety. Sports and outdoor games help to combat such issues in children.

  1. Social Interaction-

Playing in the open promotes friendships, teamwork, and cooperation. Children learn how to interact with others and resolve their differences with each other. Interaction with kids of the same or different age groups makes them more social savvy and allows them to learn much more from the external environment. Sharing, negotiating and communication are important skills that are developed while playing outdoors.

Outdoor activities and games play a very crucial role in the holistic growth of the children. By choosing the Maurya Girls’ School, which is among the top play schools in Gurgaon, one can get a healthy mix of academics and extracurricular activities.


It is the time when the parents are busy in picking the right school for their children. The next academic year is just the days away so it is the right time to complete the admission procedures and make sure that your child got enrolled in a right school. As a parent providing quality education to their child is always remains the top priority. In today’s competitive market academics play a huge role in shaping your child’s career and at the same time, it is very important for you to pay attention to their perceptive and creative skills to overall development. Opting for CBSE syllabus will help them to match the skills required to clear the competitive exams in future. With the rapidly growing number of schools in and around Gurgaon it might confuse you to choose the best CBSE School in Gurgaon that fits the needs of your child.  Here are the important factors that you need to consider before choosing a school for your child:

Academics and extra-curricular activities:

In the fast-growing cities like Gurgaon where the number of career opportunities is increasing every year for educated youth, it is important that your child matches learning enough skills to match the skills that require to grab those opportunities.  It is your duty to ensure that the school which you select meets the high standards of excellence in terms of the academic curriculum, teaching methodology, and moral standards. The school should also pay attention to extra-curricular activities like singing, dance, sports arts and crafts which play a massive role in developing the child’s personality.

Teacher-to-student ratio:

It is important to choose a school that allows less number of students per class. You can choose the schools that allow 30-35 students per class which will help them to learn the right amount of skills during their schooling.


You need to give the highest priority to the schools that provide a clean and hygiene environment for your kids.  You need to check and confirm this personally because the unclean environment will affect your kid’s health and that will reflect in their academics.


Parents these days tend to enrol their kids in the expensive CBSE schools impressed by the high-tech facilities and it is a common misconception. There are lots of best CBSE schools in Gurgaon offering quality education at affordable pricing. There is no need to choose the expensive and luxurious schools instead you can go to the schools that are offering full value for money and provides better facilities which ensure the all-round development of your child.