Children of today are the adult citizens of tomorrow and their growth is parallel to the future of the country. Quality of primary education and things they are learning from their childhood will determine their personality and future. So primary education is the important phase of every child’s life and it is the duty of every parent to ensure the high-quality education given to their child. In cities like Gurgaon, there is an emerging trend of an increasing number of primary schools and hence it might confuse you to choose the best primary school in Gurgaon. As a parent, you have to choose the right school for their primary education because schools play a vital role in the development of your child. You need to make sure that your child’s school education must focus on following aspects that give an immense contribution to their personal and professional development.

Mental aspect:

Schools play a key role in laying a strong foundation in your child’s knowledge development. It helps them to gain knowledge of different kinds of fields like language, mathematics, history, and other subjects. When they are exposed to these sources their world becomes vast and it will play a vital role in developing their thought process.

Social aspect:

As you are aware of the fact that humans are social animals. When your children are getting the chance to interact with different kinds of children from age group coming from the different cultural background they will get exposed to the new world with new ideas. Social practices like friendship, empathy assistance will develop during that time which is vital when they are reaching their adulthood.

Physical aspect:

As a child, your children will go through various physical development and schools provides the opportunity for them to channelize their energy. Not only primary education will help them to learn different things in academics but also it will help them to shape their behavior when they are exposed to same-aged individuals. Apart from studies, they will get to learn different kinds of extra-curricular activities like sports, arts and craft will direct their energy into a more productive way.

Life is not only about learning it’s all about living a balanced lifestyle. Make sure that your kids are studying in a curriculum that is flexible and promotes curiosity. During primary education, the importance of imagination is stressed extensively. Hence if you are the resident of Gurgaon choose the best primary school in Gurgaon to ensure that your child is getting a balanced education along with better social life.


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the most preferred boards in India. It is controlled and managed by the Union Government of India and the board has an alliance with a large number of schools in India.One of the main objectives of this board is to provide uniformity in education all over India. Thus, the transition from one school to another school turns out to be a simple process. The Maurya School offers the benefit of providing the parents the best of the two worlds -  the bright prospects of CBSE board combined with the facilities of a world class school!

We realise that every day a number of schools are mushrooming in India, and it is critical for parents and guardians to seek the best school which offers the latest educational tools and technology and is close to their place of residence. In order to fulfil this need, The Maurya Girls’ School, set-up in South City I, Gurugram offers the latest and best of educational tools as well as teaching pedagogy to enable the children to develop into responsible citizens of the world and pioneers of the things to come.

The present method of instruction is not characterised by limits anymore. Information today is shared universally through innovative ways. The children of today require a medium of instruction that prepares them to face the world. Besides scholarly knowledge, they need worldwide social comprehension, a great and satisfactory character, a disposition to be long lasting students and contribute decidedly to the society. Morals and decorum, ethics and morals, qualities and culture need be instilled into them at a young age, to shape them into great people who are equipped for taking the world in their walk. All these facilities are offered by The Maurya Girls’ School.

About the School

The Maurya School, recognised and affiliated by CBSE, is amongst the most popular CBSE schools in Gurgaon . The Maurya Girls School (branch of The Maurya School) offers K-12 education and accepts admissions for Montessori, Pre-nursery to class VII.The students of The Maurya Girls’ School are conditioned to rule the world with power, victory, triumph, honor and righteousness. The school is the safest and secure place to be in where the highest form of learning takes place as the foundation for life. The school emphasizes on creating awareness and concern about the world in order to develop rationality, unbiased evaluation and power to modify.

Technology Assisted & Practical-based Learning: Smart classes, Practical-based Scientific Learning, Mathematics-Brain Gym, Logical Mind Spark & Vedic Math.

Dance and Music: Instrumental Music, Indian Dance, Western Music, School Band.

Games & Sports: Chess Club, Taekwondo, Aerobics, Karate, Swimming, Badminton, Gymnastics, Judo and Basket Ball and Skating.

Special Programs: Creative Arts, Studio for Mass Media - Cartoon making, Short ads, Hindi / English Drama, Theatre, Pottery and Calligraphy.

Contact Details:

The Maurya Girls’ School,

Block G, South City 1, Sector 41, Gurugram, Haryana-122001

To know more about the facilities, fees and other details about Call: +91 89368-89368, 0124-4000088,0124-4000122

Please visit : website: www.themauryagirlsschool.com | E-mail: info@themauryagirlsschool.com