Our Things

Management of our things is important. It is a process which consists of keeping and retrieving things adequately, planning, organizing, actuating & supervising - all integrated together to determine and accomplish everyday objectives.

Our Work

Work management helps us to focus on the right work at the right time, execute that work with better management, maximum efficiency & perfect quality. Our work represents us, our self-respect and self-worth.

Our Time

Time management is a vital skill that enables us to use our time productively & efficiently; list our goals & priorities, and ask ourselves that how much time we want to give to each of our priorities on short term and long term basis.

Our Life

Life management is all about being happy, having quality relationships, achieving goals, looking good & also feeling good about ourselves. We can manage our life better, develop an achiever’s attitude and live happily ever after.

Our Personal Evolution

Personal evolution helps to assess our aptitudes, work on enhancing strengths, overcome inabilities, recognize our aims & set goals in order to realize our potential. Evolve from within & the surroundings will adapt. It is the ultimate spiritual realm of achievement.

Our Money

Money management is the process of knowing where we are spending today & having a thought-out plan for how much we want in future. We get organized from an early age by budgeting, track spending while evaluating priorities & values.

Solar system of development & management of life skills

The aim of education at The Maurya Girls' School is to empower the girls to rule the world. It is manifested in leading a complete life by mastering to manage all its aspects so that they create their own destiny.

Our Environment

We should endeavour to manage our mundane surroundings efficiently and utilize resources effectively. Also care for our natural environment that nurtures us, produce more green spaces & encourage recycling. Let’s care for our Macro and Micro Environment to manage and value what we have.

Our Goals

Management of goals helps us to determine where we want to be in life. First we consider what we want to achieve & then commit ourselves to it. We set targets that motivate us & then plan the steps to manifest all of them.

Our Social Skills

Social skills are related to aptitude that we enhance to communicate & interact with others effectively. It entails both verbal & non-verbal communication, through gestures, body language & overall grooming. Cultivating social attitude, responsibility and empathy are vital aspects.

Our Emotions

Emotional management is a skill that we can acquire to recognize our own & other people's emotions with compassion and empathy. We learn how to handle emotions to adapt to our environment or achieve emotional intelligence, equanimity and personal peace.

Our Peer Interactions

Peer interaction is essential for language, vocabulary, cognitive & social development. It helps develop power of argument, understanding of different perspectives, negotiation & persuasion by declamation and debate.