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Director Message

Welcome to The Maurya School for Girls, a day school for girls aged 3 – situated in South City 1, Gurugram. A school where everyone loves learning, both girls and staff. Girls are encouraged to achieve academic excellence and to discover and develop their individual (and after unsuspected) talents and interest. More importantly, we set about teaching the girls in ways that will allow them to develop into confident and self-motivated learners with a capacity for life – long learning. Respect, resilience, and responsibility are our core values. Our goal is to make them independent, articulate and resourceful. They are trained to be practical and down to earth as well as unique to learned, compassionate and self-aware. They are also encouraged to share a sophisticated sense of humor. By the time they would leave us they will be able to take any challenges that life would throw at them. This website is only an indication of what Maurya can offer your daughter. Come and visit in order to discover first hand just what makes Maurya so different and so special. I very much look forward to meeting you. Best Regards

Best Regards
Deepa Kumar