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We follow an integrated experiential learning curriculum in the primary school based on the NCF. The girls are fostered to become independent learners and responsible students. They are encouraged to explore, create, think independently and express creatively.

In the classes our girls strengthen language skills by listening attentively, speaking distinctly, writing correctly, reading thoughtfully and expressing oneself exquisitely. The Montessori methods are integrated in the curriculum to nurture logico-mathematical skills, scientific temper, humanism and spirit of enquiry.

The sports activities, basketball, table tennis, badminton skating, kick boxing offer an opportunity to develop the physical being.

The development of interest in arts is a powerful feature of our curriculum. Art and craft, music, dance and drama help in drawing out the artist within. Robotics helps the girls to learn the stem concepts in a fun way.

Facilitation of Quality circle time helps to understand perspectives, appreciate differences and value each other.